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Sweep Drag All-In-One Household Hand Push Rotating Sweeping Broom, Room And Office Floor Sweeper Cleaner Dust Mop Set

  1. The Dual Rotor Sweeper is a shapely professional hand driven sweeper. Adapted for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas of small or medium size areas. It is equipped with a dust filter and an adjustable, main brush. Six times faster than dust filter. Cleaning is very convenient....360 degree rotating brush with high speed rotation to touchdown rubbish dust into the dustbin. It's suitable for almost all kinds of floor such as wooden floor, PVC tiles, marble, ceramic tiles. Cement ground. The Dual Rotor Sweeper is a shapely professional hand held sweeper. You don't need to stress yourself by bending to clean and sweep with a broomThis 3 in 1 magic sweeper will make cleaning easy and fast for you.

    Key Features

    Easy to useDoes not require bending like traditional broomsSaves time and effort Dirt goes into a small packSweeps and pack dirt simultaneouslyCan rotate 360 degrees and gather particles in an orderly mannerDoes not require electricity or batteries