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12PCS GIFT BRUSH AND PACKER/Dustpan and Brush Set+

Dustpan Brush set make light work of sweeping up crumbs, dust and dirt with this dustpan and brush set. Its soft bristles and lightweight design make it an essential for any cleaning cupboard. The dustpan includes a rubber lip to help scoop everything up and the brush clips neatly into the pan handle for convenient storage.   Small messes are no big deal with the Dustpan and Brush Set. The brush conveniently snaps into the Dustpan for storage, keeping dirty bristles covered. The dustpan set has a deep back to stop dirt falling out when in use and has a serrated edge to enable dirt to be removed easily from the hand brush. The rubber lip on the pan ensures all dirt is picked up first time and the handle and pan easily click together for storage. The soft, comfortable brush handle is angled for quick and easy countertop use. This product is perfect as a souvenir for any kind of party or owambe celebration. It can be branded & given as souvenir at weddings, to customers, child dedication ceremonies, anniversary, retirement party, graduation party, birthdays, rotary clubs etc. The minimum order quantity of this product is 12 units/one dozen. We take on large orders and deliver nationwide.