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3D Roller Face Massager,Lightton Facial Care Massager Roller Firming Beauty Massage Body Face Tool


Clean: After use, better to dip alcohol wipe with clean towel.If the surface is very dirty, wash with warm water.Vertically dry the water inside the roller balls. There might be some water inside the roller balls because of washing.Try to clean the water, It's not fault of instrument if there is water coming out from the balls during massage.



Use step:

1. Roll from top to bottom along with the face outline to firm the skin of mouth,cheek and face.

2.Focus massage chin can remove the double chin. Be careful overexert.

3. Grip the handle up,from the shoulder to the back of the neck,back and forth ot scroll up and down along

4.Very time use 10-15 minutes, beginning with once a day, allow your skin a few days of rest.Better use with skin care or essential oils.


Features & details

  • ※GUARANTEE: CUSTOMER GUARANTEE - Our goal is to provide you with a quality product. We aim to make you happy with your purchase. However, if you're not completely satisfied, then CONTACT US and we will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase. It is our intention to offer the BEST customer service on Amazon.
  • ※BODY AND FACE MASSAGER: Applicable to your whole body. It is a massager for your face, arms, legs, breast, buttocks and back or other parts.
  • ※Material of Main System: ABS resin, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Soft Resin.
  • ※Ergonomically designed :Ergonomically streamlined massage handle can be easily accomandate to work on different massage spots. Easy to hold, easy to use, simplify, portable, no charging required, easy to clean and seemingly last forever.
  • ※3D Ball Roller Massager: 3D ball rollers with raised triangular texture can be used for facial care and body care, effectively pulling and lifting your skin, activating your skin cells, improving blood circulation and speeding up skin metabolism, bringing your skin back to be tight and tender.

Product information

Air Conditioner Fan – 5 Wind Speeds Usb With 7 Colors Led Light

Personal Air Cooler & Air Humidifier - It is not only an personal air cooler, but also an air humidifier. You can use the small evaporative air cooler all year round, cooling you in hot summer and humidifying the air in dry autumn and winter. A full tank of water can continuously keep spraying for 2.5-12 hours (depending on the speed). Adjustable Wind Speeds & Automatic Timing - 3 wind speeds (high,Medium,low) can be adjusted, manual up-down to adjust blowing direction within 60C to meet your different needs.Three automatic timing (1/2/3H), you can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your leisure time,sleeping or working time. 7 Color Lights & Low Noise - The misting fan has 7 soft colors and 1 fade choices in all. Place in dining or coffee table to create a romantic atmosphere! Desktop air cooler fan can work powerfully at a low noise level, let you enjoy a comfortable sleep all night with suitable temperature. Removable DESIGN & Handle DESIGN - Removable design helps you more easily clean your water tank and add water& ice cube in the water container; Portable handle, you can easily carry it out, very suitable for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, etc. Power Supply Methods & Energy Saving - Simply connect the USB cable to the devices that support usb port. Besides, The portable air fan operates at a low energy consumption, much cheaper than running a Freon air conditioner. so you should not expect the same results as an air conditioner.


Enjoy lift, support and shape with the B Free Bunny Breast Lift Cups! These are the perfect solution for tricky necklines and backless outfits. These adhesive cups grip firmly to your skin and give you an instant lift with full nipple coverage. Suitable for a range of cup sizes, these breast lifts are flattering, comfortable and easy to use.
  • Washable and reusable
  • Soft foam material is comfy to wear
  • Adhesive sticks firmly on the skin
  • Nipple guide helps you to position the stick on bra correctly
Size Guide: Small = 8A, 8B, 8C, 10A, 10B, 12A Medium = 8E, 8D, 8DD, 10C, 10D, 12B, 12C, 14A, 14B Large = 8F, 10DD, 10E, 12D, 12DD, 14C, 14D, 16A, 16B
  1. Peel off the backing from the breast lift cup and position in place on the centre of your breast using the nipple guide.
  2. Firmly press the centre of the cup into position and then lift from the top ‘bunny ears’ and stick firmly in place.
  3. To remove after wear, peel off gently starting from the top. If needed you can use baby oil to reduce irritation and remove glue residue.
  • Ensure you apply the breast lift cups one at a time in front of a mirror in order to achieve your desired positioning and a symmetrical fit.
  • If you are not happy with the positioning, simply peel off and reapply.
  • If the cups start to lose their stickiness, hand wash with mild soap and water and leave to completely air dry. This will remove body oils and sweat and make the adhesive sticky again.
  • Depending on your outfit you may prefer to position the bunny ears straight up, slightly outwards, or slightly inwards. If needed you can trip the top of bunny ears to suit your neckline.
  • The Bunny lift cup does not need to cover your entire breast to be effective and give you a lift. However, you may prefer to go up or down a size depending on how much coverage you would like.
Fabric Content: Polyester/Silicone/Silicone Glue Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap. Air dry. Cover the adhesive with the plastic film when not in use.

UV Protection HD Vision Unisex Wrap Around Driving Glasses

HD Night Vision Glasses Wraparounds - As Seen On TV   Do you have trouble with night time glare from oncoming headlights? If you wear glasses you know about this dangerous situation and how difficult it is to see. The HD Night Vision Glasses help solve this problem! They are tinted with a special formula that helps enhance clarity and reduce the glare. Their unique style allows them to fit right over your regular prescription glasses! Their unisex style work for both Men and Women and one size fits most. . Leave the stressful night driving behind and stay safe behind the wheel!   HD Night Vision Unisex Driving Sunglasses Nice Over Wrap Around Glasses HD Vision Wraparounds Fit Over Your Prescription Glasses! If you wear glasses, you need HD Vision Wraparounds! You'll be amazed at the enhanced clarity the high-definition lenses provide. HD Vision Wraparounds, as seen on TV, are lightweight, durable sunglasses that fit over your prescription glasses. Can also be worn without prescription glasses. Made with UV protection, great for those with sensitive eyes. HD Vision technology gives you clarity that you have never experienced. Great for men and women. AMBER CATEGORY ONE POLARISED LENSES. IDEAL FOR DRIVING AT NIGHT AND IN FOG, RAIN OR HAZE FITS OVER NEARLY ALL STYLES - CAN ALSO BE WORN ALONE. FULL UV400 PROTECTION NIGHTSIGHT POLARISED ANTI-GLARE GLASSES DESIGNED TO BE WORN OVER PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR OR ON THEIR OWN. UNISEX DESIGN REMOVES HEADLIGHT AND REFLECTIVE GLARE . SHARPENS CONTRAST AND DETAIL. Color: YellowAnd Black

Acupressure Massage Slippers Leg Foot (Black, Free Size)


Nutrafy Acupressure Massage Slippers

When your feet feel good, your whole body feels good. Nutrafy Massage Orthotic Slippers with Acupressure Knobs that will turn your day around. It’ll take the tension out of your toes, satisfy your soles and make your whole body feel good. By using the acupressure points, it improve the positive blood flow and relieving muscle tension in your feet. It’ll also do wonders for your mood. That’s because a really good foot reflexology will help: - Promote relaxation - Improve circulation and metabolism - Eliminate tension and fatigue - Alleviate muscle pain

Adjustable Reading Table And Two (2) Chairs -Wooden/Metallic



This comfortable, adjustable, foldable reading study laptop table and  2 chair is made of fine formica/ivory brown wood and well fitted metallic stands that can be adjusted to any height to suit the comfort of the user, both the chair and the table can be folded into a flat and easy to carry shape, the light weight of the furniture makes it suitable for easy carriage to any location ,it can as well be used for outdoor functions, for offices, bedroom, sitting room, classroom, dormitory,hostel e.t.c......Due the glossy surface it is very easy to clean and maintain, the metals does not rust and it easy to assemble, no tools required This comfortable, adjustable, foldable reading study laptop table and chair is made of fine formica/ivory brown wood and well fitted metallic stands that can be adjusted to any height to suit the comfort of the user, both the chair and the table can be folded into a flat and easy to carry shape,

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Adjustable/Foldable
  • Glossy/ fine designed surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for home, offices, classroom and outdoor usage

Heavy Duty Safety Jogger Workers Plus

  • PU/Rubber
  • Steel Cap
  • Steel
  • Mesh
  • Latex

Key Features

Product description

  • PU/Rubber
  • Steel Cap
  • Steel
  • Mesh
  • Late

Industral telescope Window Glass Wiper Cleaner Squeegee Car Handheld Blade Home Bathroom New 40cm


is used for glass cleaning. Best Result to clean glasses and u can clean wall and window als

Features & details

  • It is used for glass cleaning
  • Best Result to clean glasses and u can clean wall and window also
  • Size : 40cm


im Brown has held several positions in his five years with Macmahon. Originally undertaking vacation work and then officially commencing as a Graduate Mining Engineer. Tim has also worked in several engineering roles including drill and blast, mining and commercial analysis, projects, planning and currently he is a Senior Mining Engineer based in ther Perth WAC office. Prior to moving to the Perth office earlier in 2018, Tim was working FIFO at the Telfer Copper and Gold Mine Site in the Great Sandy Desert in WA. A far cry from the mining industry, Tim spent 10 years with Woolworths working in their fruit and vegetable department while studying to become an engineer. Since joining Macmahon he has developed some great friendships with everyone banding together, “especially when the going gets tough,” said Tim. As anyone who has ever worked at Telfer knows, there is never a dull day with the site providing a range of challenges which Tim simply viewed as opportunities. “I am continually developing my skill set with the Telfer site being the first to receive new technology including the PowerBI rollout which is a great tool for tracking performance, and the introduction of the MaxMine system early in 2018 which tracks haul road condition and operator conformance to improve productivity and tyre life,” Tim said. Macmahon has supported Tim’s career path along the way by enabling him to undertake the Orica Advanced Drill & Blast course, dedicated hours on the Blast Crew at Tropicana and with financial assistance towards Tim’s course fees resulting in achieving his WA Quarry Managers ticket. Thinking back, Tim never imagined he’d be where he is today at Macmahon. “Being in a senior role within just four years of any career is generally unlikely, but due to the help of a few well-intentioned mentors sharing their experience and my willingness to learn, this is exactly what I achieved,” he said. “As a graduate I received great insight and in depth development which set me up for success. Dave Scott at the Tropicana Gold Mine site shared a wealth of knowledge and I appreciated and learned from his approach to management,” said Tim. “My transition into a senior role came more recently at Telfer where I have received constant support from guys including Tim Thomas, Technical Manager, who made the shift into this role with greater responsibilities so much smoother whilst providing an outlet to vent during some of the more challenging days,” said Tim. The ability to keep calm under pressure and focus on solving the problems at hand is one of the key tools that Tim has learnt since joining Macmahon. Tim now lives in Mount Lawley in Perth, having relocated from the South Coast of NSW in 2017. When he worked FIFO at Telfer he was on a 5/2 and 4/3 roster which left him time for an occasional beer after work with his work mates and Skype catch ups during the week. “Being home every weekend allowed me to see my friends and girlfriend regularly and I got every second Friday off which was a bonus. The FIFO life style also helped to fund some of my interests which include fishing, rock climbing, and American BBQ’s.” These days Tim is working 5/2 but is often undertaking site visits across Macmahon's operations.

Sweep Drag All-In-One Household Hand Push Rotating Sweeping Broom, Room And Office Floor Sweeper Cleaner Dust Mop Set

  1. The Dual Rotor Sweeper is a shapely professional hand driven sweeper. Adapted for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas of small or medium size areas. It is equipped with a dust filter and an adjustable, main brush. Six times faster than dust filter. Cleaning is very convenient....360 degree rotating brush with high speed rotation to touchdown rubbish dust into the dustbin. It's suitable for almost all kinds of floor such as wooden floor, PVC tiles, marble, ceramic tiles. Cement ground. The Dual Rotor Sweeper is a shapely professional hand held sweeper. You don't need to stress yourself by bending to clean and sweep with a broomThis 3 in 1 magic sweeper will make cleaning easy and fast for you.

    Key Features

    Easy to useDoes not require bending like traditional broomsSaves time and effort Dirt goes into a small packSweeps and pack dirt simultaneouslyCan rotate 360 degrees and gather particles in an orderly mannerDoes not require electricity or batteries

Unique Autoseal West Loop Vaccuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Contigo Travel Mug, 16 Oz, Stainless Steel/Monaco

Patented Autoseal lid automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks
  • Lid underside flips open completely for easy cleaning
  • Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps beverages hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours
  • Top rack dishwasher safe lid; 100 percent BPA free
  • Fits most single serve brewers and car cup holders